As per the Cambridge dictionary – Ecotourism are holidays and travel that involve causing less damage to the environment than usual, and that make people aware of the need to protect the environment.

In simple words , 

EcoTourism is responsible travel to natural areas in a way that causes the least damage to the environment. And helps the local people by increasing employment opportunities. Ecotourism promotes greater understanding and appreciation for nature, local society, and their culture.

Difference between Eco-Tourism and Sustainable Tourism

Eco tourism is also sometimes known as Sustainable Tourism but there is a thin line of difference between the two.

Ecotourism is a category of vacation like beach vacation or adventure. It focuses on visiting nature centric destinations and educating travellers on natural surroundings. Eg. When you go for a jungle safari.

Where as, sustainable tourism is a method or way of travelling causing minimal impact on the environment and local communities. And this can apply to all categories of vacation. It is the way you travel eg. without littering the area, following dress codes and respecting the local culture.

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