A staycation is a vacation that you take at home or near your home rather than travelling to another place.

Many people choose to STAY AT HOME and explore their own city. It could be a picnic, a hike, a visit to the museum or any other local attractions in their town.

Some others choose to stay overnight at a hotel, which feels exactly like a vacation. Enjoying the pool, some good breakfast, shopping and sightseeing. Many also choose to go on day trips exploring nearby places and towns.

Let’s admit it, we probably spend more time exploring faraway places than sites near our home. We tend to dismiss local sites assuming we will go there someday! So there are bound to be places around us we haven’t explored or activities we haven’t tried.

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Are there any advantages of Staycation?

Of course. You save money, as you don’t have to pay for flights and in many cases not even for the hotel. You don’t have to stress about planning or taking long leaves from work, you get more time to relax and above all, it helps the local economy.

If you want to be a Smart Traveller, you have to keep up with the latest travel trends and know about the different travel tips and hacks.

We are going to give you tons of travel goals and have lots of fun together!! Till then, stay tuned, keep saving, keep exploring, and Happy Travel!!

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