Firstly let me start by saying, there will be no after COVID-19. It is here to stay and we have to learn to live with it. I know the traveller in you is already researching the best places to visit and travel after COVID-19 is under control. And we are going to help you go on that much needed holiday, with the New Normal.

Travel and Tourism Industry is at its bottom, and countries that depend on travel and tourism are shaking their pockets and deploying their best to shut out their borders. So what is the New Normal that we are going to have to follow? In my opinion, the New Normal is “3S” – Self-Precaution, Sanitization & Social Distancing, and we are going to explore the world with this New Normal.

Here is your guide to planning a holiday after COVID-19. Follow these 7 steps to plan your travel after COVID-19.

Step 1 – Choose An Uncrowded Destination

Choosing the best places to visit after the corona hangover is an essential step. Our main lookout should be to avoid the crowd. And so I have suggestions and a Dos and Don’ts list for you to safely travel after COVID-19. 


  • Pick countries closer to India for your international travel after COVID-19.
  • Pick secluded islands or cities and avoid crowded capitals or tourist hubs.
  • Choose a nature safari in the middle of the jungle with fewer people and more animals. (Umm wait…except around bats maybe!)
  • Pick countries that were less affected. (Even if you have a visa that is about to expire)
  • Check if the country has re-opened for international travellers and that you do not need to quarantine upon arrival.


  • Don’t pick an international travel destination because it is the best place to visit in that season. That’s exactly where all the tourists will flock.
  • Don’t pick a place to visit just because the flights are cheap as many people might be doing precisely that. A lot of countries are going to have unbelievable offers to increase their travel and tourism, but you read our blog, and so you are not stupid to fall for it.
  • Don’t and please don’t go for carnivals, events and festivals. (Tomorrowland can wait!)

Step 2 – Research And Pick A Secluded / Offbeat Hotel

You have always heard of people travelling to offbeat resorts and beautifully secluded properties in the middle of nowhere. This is exactly where you need to go for travel after COVID-19. How to pick the best place to stay after COVID-19? Here are your options –

A lot of people may prefer Airbnb to hotels. Personally, to travel after COVID-19, I wouldn’t trust an apartment to be better sanitized than a hotel where I expect a group of staff will be dedicated only for sanitization and creating a safe travel haven.

Step 3 – Plan Private Activities And Avoid Group Packages

If I was able to convince you by now, you will most likely pick a secluded resort for your domestic or international travel which has all the activities organized privately by the property itself. But if not, follow these for the best things to do when you travel after COVID-19.

Planning not to travel for a while? You can feed your wanderlust by watching these All-time Favourite Travel Movies that will inspire your future travels.

Step 4 – Buy Only Refundable Bookings

A refundable booking right now would be a safe bet for you. A lot of people lost money on bookings when countries were locked down and travel plans cancelled. With refundable bookings, you will be on a safer ship.

Step 5 – Packing For Travel After COVID-19

Packing for travel after COVID-19 is not going to be very different. Just a few items to add, and a few items to subtract from your luggage bag and you will be ready for your much-awaited vacation.

Check out our COVID-19 kit recommendations here.

When packing your COVID-19 kit, remember that you can carry only less than 100 ml bottles in your handbag. You don’t want the airport security to confiscate your “defence weapons”. :p

Step 6 – Travel Insurance And Health Certificate

Step 7 – Precautions At The Airport

While at the airport, we have to have our guards up. There maybe biometrics, automated check-ins, lesser touchpoints but I’m not sure how soon all airports can incorporate all these in their systems. So we got to carry on with our 3S’s of New Normal for travel after COVID-19.

Even though airports maybe a little scary while we travel after COVID-19, we shouldn’t be worried as long as we have our self precaution. Have your face mask and hand-sanitizer handy. (Remember <100ml bottle)


We are all human beings and will surely want to escape after such a lockdown, so it’s just a matter of feeling safe wherever we go. And no better way of doing that, than self precaution. Maybe in the short-term domestic travel will increase but in no time even international travel will get back to normal. And why shouldn’t it right?

Note: As much as the daredevil we may be, it will be challenging to convince an Indian parent why that vacation is so crucial amidst this pandemic. So all the best with that! :p

We are going to give you tons of travel goals and have lots of fun together!! Till then, stay tuned, keep saving, keep exploring, and Happy Travel!!

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