There is more to Nepal than you have ever heard of.

We picture it with the snowy mountaintops, fluttering prayer flags, and the triangular temple tops. But while the Himalayas are the star attraction of Nepal, Nature is its Jackpot. From the valleys of Kathmandu and Pokhara to the tropical lowlands of Chitwan National Park, there is so much more to see in Nepal.

Chitwan is the country’s National Treasure. It’s the first national park in Nepal. A former hunting ground for the royals, today Chitwan National Park is widely known for the protection of rhinos, tigers, and the gharials.

Frankly, Chitwan is no Africa. If you go expecting a herd of animals chasing across the fields, you might be disappointed. But if you travel for the scenery and the wildlife diversity, Nepal is tough to beat.

Best Time To Visit

Chitwan National Park is humid all year round, but the best time to visit for the weather would be the winter months and more specifically Feb & March. But better sightings are in April and May when the weather starts to get hot, and the animals head for the waterholes.

How To Reach

Chitwan is very well connected to the capital, Kathmandu. You can either take a 30-minute flight from Kathmandu to Bharatpur which is the closest airport to the Chitwan National Park. Tickets cost around INR 1500-3000 Indian rupees. Or you can drive from Kathmandu to Chitwan National Park, which about 175 km and takes approx. 4 hours.

Also if you are in Pokhara, you can still combine it with a trip to Chitwan. it takes about the same time. And believe me, the drive between Chitwan and Pokhara is stunning.

Best Place To Stay

Meghauli Serai, A Taj Safari Lodge

There are many hotels around Chitwan National Park for different budgets and styles. We stayed in Meghauli Serai, a Taj Safari Property. It is located on the banks of the Rapti river, just at the edge of the national park.

Beautiful property with multiple room categories. We stayed in the villa. Each Villa comes with a private pool and a spectacular view of the river and the national park.

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The Safari

Most good resorts in Chitwan arrange a safari for their guests. You have options of boat safari, jeep safari and a jungle walk. There are also elephant safaris, but we do not encourage that. From Meghauli Serai, we took a small wooden oar boat across the river and then onto our jeeps to start the safari. The adventure had already begun.

Chitwan National Park is wedged between 2 rivers and hides a wealth of wildlife. It has more than 700 species of wildlife and about 550 species of birds. So you are in for a treasure on your visit to Chitwan.

You will get a chance to watch the elephants at play, grazing with their family and taking a good splash under the sun. It’s easy to spot the spotted deer and lots of them and they are such a joy to watch.

Chitwan National Park, Nepal has the second-highest population of the endangered one-horned rhino. This Rhinoceros is the star of Park. The Rhinos were poached for their horns, which now is of course illegal. But they do shed their horns naturally and can grow it back over the period.

If you are lucky, you may spot the famous leopards of this region, and if you are very very lucky, you may spot the king of the jungle, The Royal Bengal Tiger. But you may need quite a bit of scouting for that.

A drive through the jungle, with the reams of sunlight breaking through the towering trees is an enchanting experience. The gorgeous water sites, the dense forest, the rich grassland and the Himalayas as the backdrop makes the park an area of exceptional natural beauty.

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So on your next trip to Nepal, do put Chitwan National Park on your itinerary and wake up right in the middle of this indescribable view.

Nepal hides startling beauty and lots still to be explored. The country greatly depends on tourism and you as a tourist, so next time you plan a trip to Nepal, you can be happy that you are doing a little bit good for a lot of people there.

We are going to give you tons of travel goals and have lots of fun together!! Till then, stay tuned, keep saving, keep exploring, and Happy Travel!!

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